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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM
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Default Project: Make the Sims 2 handle polygamy better
I have in my game a wonderful hack made by Inge and Marhis that allows any sim to marry any other sim. You can find it here: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/s...pic,8196.0.html Among other things, it allows sims who are already married to marry other people, and thus, polygamy and group marriages.

Unfortunately, the game is not very well suited to handle sims with multiple spouses. There is one particular check to see if a sim is married or engaged, and to whom, which is BHAV 0x261 (using neighbor IDs) and 0x43D (using object IDs). This check returns true if the sim is married or engaged, and then returns the neighbor ID and object ID and married/engaged flag in temp variables. Naturally, it only returns the first sim it finds, assuming that there will be only one. A lot of functions call this, check to see if a particular sim matches the spouse returned in temporary variables, and then assumes that the two sims are not married or engaged if the spouse ID doesn't match. This can cause the game to conclude that spouses are not really spouses because one of them is also married to someone else. My goal has been to go through and find all of the places where this logic is used, and correct it. Correcting it is relatively easy; finding all the places where it needs to be corrected, and documenting the actual effect that correcting it has is less easy.

What I am looking for in this thread:
1. People who install the polygamy arch, play with it, and tell me what doesn't work right.
2. People who install the various hacklets I make to fix problems, and report if they work.
3. Modders who might know parts of the codebase I don't, who can tell me what certain BHAVs are used for and who might know what problems a particular one is causing.

It's useful to be able to see attraction scores in-game - I recommend Cyjon's debugger.

What's already been done:
I've made and have been playing with some fixes for some of the problems, and some of them have definitely been fixed! They are attached to this post:
1. inlawsfixnew. This makes it so that relatives of all spouses are treated as in-laws, rather than just relatives of your first spouse.
2. Polygamy-marriagewantsfix. This just makes it so that sims who are already married can roll wants and fears of getting married again. It also adds these wants and fears for YAs, who can also get married using the hacked arch. While playing with it, I've seen not only wants and fears of getting married, but also fears of being left at the altar and wants to marry a rich sim appearing in contexts where they wouldn't have normally. The only restrictions are that sims who are already married to someone can't roll a generic want to get married, and sims cannot roll wants/fears to get married to someone they're already married to. Note that this requires TwoJeffs' same sex marriage hack and must load after it. If there is a demand for it, I can make a version that works without it.
3. Polygamy-attractionfix. This fixes some general attraction problems, such as spouses not being attraction capable, and not getting a certain minimal attraction bonus. There are also some BHAVs whose function I'm not entirely sure of, although they seem to relate to attraction:
0x229 Rel - Attracted do I LT love param 0
0x166 Rel - Attracted do I ST love param 0
0x22A Rel - Attracted does Param 0 LT love me?
0x169 Rel - Attracted does Param 0 ST love me?
I have fixed the logic in these functions, but I'm not sure what effect this has on the game. Note that this one requires Pescado's romancemod and must load after it. If there is a demand for it, I can make a version that works without it.
4. Changes to ACR. You can download ACR 2.0 here. TwoJeffs has retired from modding the Sims 2, but as far as anyone seems to know he would have no problem with me uploading modified versions of his files. The two ACR files attached to this post need to completely overwrite the ones you have installed in order to work. This solves the problem of spouses refusing to woohoo, or not having autonomous try for baby available if you have restricted that to only married sims. I still find that The One Sim is always the same sim when sims are married, and it would be nice for it to be able to switch between spouses, but I'm unsure how to mod this. I also have one pair whose woohoo score decreased significantly after everyone got married, but it was fixed by manual assignment of The One Sim. I'm sure there is probably still an unfixed underlying problem, however.

What is still left to do:
I have searched all Sims 2 resources for functions which call the two marriage checks, although there may be other places where logic needs to be fixed. Some situations that pop out, based on the functions' names:
  • Wedding parties and honeymoons - I rarely use these, so I have no idea what might go wrong.
  • Memories and reactions to cheating (though most of these should be fixed by romancemod)
  • Choosing the second parent for adoption. One of the things I was thinking of doing was actually having a dialog pop up whenever a baby was born allowing you to choose the second parent from among the sim's spouses and lovers, and the real parent of the child - that way, your married sims wouldn't always automatically know that their wife's child wasn't theirs, and you'd be able to have a spouse or lover "adopt" an alien child, or have a sim married to multiple other sims choose which of those sims should be the other parent. This would not change genetics, but only the family ties.

Anyway, I'd love it if some of you guys could help me out, and then at some point I will be able to upload a set of hacks that makes polygamy actually work well with the game! I'm sure you all have particular playstyles that probably make some problems more apparent to you than they are to me, so it would be very helpful to even just play with polygamy in your game and notice when things go wrong. Also, I would like to know if there are any hacks that misbehave when polygamy occurs, because there is a good chance they can be fixed, too!
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip Polygamy-marriagewantsfix.zip (406 Bytes, 1 downloads) - View custom content
File Type: zip Polygamy-attractionfix.zip (1.4 KB, 1 downloads) - View custom content
File Type: zip ACR.zip (77.8 KB, 1 downloads) - View custom content
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